How toget a quote:

Email us digital pictures of the windows you need to replace together with their dimensions, width and height. Based on this information, we will provide you with a quote within 48 hours.

How to order:

It is important to provide us with exact window opening information, wich you can supply to us in 2 forms

Method 1) using templets

a) remove existing window

b) tape to outside of opening drawing paper or cardboard

c) from inside, using a marker, follow opening contour so that outside of marker line represent inside of opening.

d) mark templet with, window location P or SB, fwd or aft

e) mail to Bomon Inc. 1855 Industrial blvd, Laval Qc H7s 1P5 Canada. If needed declare for customs purposes value of $10.00 contents Templates.

Method 2) using Opening dimension form pdf

a) remove existing window

b) use a long ruler, and aligned on cut-out, extend opening lines beyond corner radius, producing 4 intersects.

c) measure the distance between the intersects to the nearest 1/16"

d) measure diagonals AC and BD also to the nearest 1/16"

e) be as acurate as possible but if errors do occur our cad program will flag this and request a remeasure.

Willem Boon

Alain Cariou
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